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From 1946 to 1980 several initiatives were taken for the formation of an association to bring all the lawyers of Assam under one umbrella. The first attempt was a convention organized at Jorhat in the year 1946 where the idea of “Assam Lawyers Association” was mooted. During Assam Movement, on 4th May 1980, members of different Lawyers of Associations of Assam met and decided to constitute an Adhoc non political federal body named All Assam Lawyers Association. With the support of the majority of Bar Associations of Assam, in a convention held on 18th to 19th April, 1981 in, Guwahati, the present All Assam Lawyers Association (AALA) was formed under the Presidentship of Late Nar Narayan Goswami. The first conference of AALA was held in Nagoan in 1982 in presence of great Legal luminaries of the country, like Sri Ram Jethmalani and the then Member of Parliament, Late Dinesh Chandra Goswami. After glorious existence of 25 years, in January 2006, the AALA has celebrated its Silver Jubilee in presence of the then Chief Justice of India Justice Mr. Y.K. Sabharwal. Mr. Justice H.K. Sema, Mr. Justice B. Sudarshan Reddy and Mr. Justice M.K. Sarma of Supreme Court of India also attended the said function to extend their solidarity.

The membership of the Association is open to all the Bar Associations of Assam and the management of its affairs is vested in an executive committee elected in a Biennial Conference. At present 38 Bar Associations representing more than 12,000 lawyers of the state are members of this Association.

During Assam Movement AALA, extended its service by giving aid to the victims and also took active part to diffuse the situation endangering human life and property of citizens of Assam. The AALA from its inception is always trying to promote friendship and unity not only amongst its members of legal fraternity but also amongst the general public to uphold dignity, liberty and fundamental rights of the citizens.

All Assam Lawyers Association has been actively striving for the reform of Administration of Justice and law and its healthy development to suit the socio-economic and legal needs of the people of Assam, to apply knowledge and experience in the field of Law and for the promotion of the public good, maintenance of the Rule of Law, provide free legal aid to the poor and needy people and to uphold the honour, dignity and independence of the Bar as well as legal profession.

All Assam Lawyers Association has played different roles in different fields -

  • It has been striving for the reform of Administration of Justice and Law and its healthy development to suit the socio-economic and other needs of the people of Assam, and more particularly of the legal fraternity.

  • To get special funds allocated for construction of infrastructure of different Bar Associations.

  • It also organizes seminars, talks, legal aid clinics, discussions, workshops on important topics of public interest.

  • It has also been advocating for appointment of the Senior and experienced members of the bar as Judges of the Hon’ble High Court.

  • It has been providing financial help to the advocates above 60 years who are suffering from financial constraints.

  • All Assam Lawyers Association has also been advocating for effective implementation of Witness Protection Programme in the State.


Sri Nurul Islam Choudhury- President

Sri Bhaba Goswami- Working President

Sri Dipak Kumar Das- General Secretary

Sri Ramesh Kumar Jain- Treasurer

Vice President 5 (Five)

Sri Mahesh Chandra Das Sri Ashok Kumar Karmakar Smt. Kiran Borthakur

Sri David Ledger

Sri Prasenjit Kumar Goswami

Joint Secretaries

Sri Tailendra Nath Das Smt. Banashree Gogoi Sri Benudhar Nath

Sri Pranabjyoti Phukan

Sri Sailendra Kumar Sarma Barua

Organizing Secretary 5 (Five)

Sri Santanu Raj Gogoi Sri Achyut Ozah

Sri Dhani Ram Saikia Sri Manik All Ahmed Sri Parchurja Hazarika

Publicity Secretary 1 (One)

Ms. Aparajita Bhuyan


Mr. Nilayananda Dutta
Ph  98640-53800

Working President
Mr. Rohini Kumar Das
Ph.: 98640-52991, 94355-59923

General Secretary :
Mr. Sailendra Das





Vice-President :
1. Mr. Tridip Kumar Bezbaruah
2. Mr. Bhaba Goswami
3. Mrs. Kiran Barthakur
4. Mrs. Priti Das
5. Mr. Ajit Kumar Barpujari

Joint Secretary :
1. Mr. Sailen Sarma Barua
2. Mr. Dipak Kumar Das
3. Mr. Pranab Jyoti Phukan
4. Mrs. Baneshree Gogoi
5. Mr. Billal Hussain

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Jain

Organising Secretary :
1. Mr. Dhani Ram Saikia
2. Mr. Benudhar Nath
3. Mr. Dharmeswar Saikia
4. Mr. Sujit Kumar Roy

Publicity Secretary :
1. Ms Aparajita Bhuyan